Post Construction Cleaning Services


Expect a great welcome as we get your post-construction property clean and ready for your arrival.

Building and remodeling a new home or office takes a lot of resources. But the post-construction dirt, trash and debris can take the excitement and enjoyment out of occupying your new property. Let Harrington Cleaning do a post-construction cleanup for your home or office.

Why Trust Harrington With Your Post-Construction Cleanup:

  • Detailed Work A post-construction site more often than not resembles a wasteland rather than a home or office. We’ll remove every unsightly debris, waste and junk with the latest tools and the safest procedures, from old windows to roofing material.
  • Proper Training and Equipment Like every cleaning job, post-construction cleaning starts with the proper equipment and the right environment-friendly cleaning chemicals. Our crew is specially trained to safely remove all debris and construction waste.
  • Quality CommitmentHarrington Cleaning delivers consistent high quality because we do not subcontract our work. Our post-construction cleaning crew is at your site from the beginning to the end of the cleaning job. We also have managers conduct on-site visits to ensure cleaning results that are consistent and thorough.