Move In / Move Out Cleaning Services


Moving is already stressful enough, why not let the professionals at Harrington take care of it for you?

Whether you’re leaving your old residence or settling into a new one, the entire process can feel overwhelming sometimes. Take some of the stress out of your move with professional cleaning services from Harrington. Allow yourself to focus on taking care of your personal belongings and give a little extra time to relax when you finally settle into your new home.

Why Choose Harrington?

  • Our Affordable Prices – At Harrington Cleaning, our prices are affordable, competitive and based on the square footage of the area to be cleaned. We also offer free estimates for your home.
  • Our Dedicated Team – Our highly trained cleaning crew specializes in move in/move out cleaning jobs. We’ll deep clean each property to make sure each new occupant is welcomed to a fresh clean environment.
  • Our Guarantee – Our professional cleaning services are backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with our cleaning services, we will be happy to come back and re-clean any areas not cleaned to your complete satisfaction – at no cost!

Our Move In / Move Out Services Cover


Bathrooms & Kitchens

Leave your old bathrooms with thoroughly cleaned tiles, showers, mirrors, cabinets, sinks, and toilets. Enter your new bathroom and enjoy the “as good as new” clean feeling. We also clean kitchens from top to bottom, ensuring that the old one is ready for new residents.

Household wood cleaners

Living Areas

Carpets vacuumed, windowsills and tracks cleaned, baseboards dusted and wiped – and that’s just the beginning. We’ll ready both current and new homes for occupancy with thoroughly cleaned floors, stairs, shelves, furniture and fixtures.

Clean Garage

Garage & Attics

Our cleaning crew will leave no trace of the dust, dirt and grime that are all too familiar in garages and attics. The new occupants of both homes will be welcomed to thoroughly cleaned, dirt-free rooms.


Special Cleaning

Some types of cleaning defy categories, but our crew can handle them all. Need special cleaning services for wood floors, fabric upholstery, exotic rugs, chandeliers or appliances? Call Harrington Cleaning for a free quote.