Experience A Household Clean Like No Other!


You can clean your home all day – but you won’t get the kind of clean that only a professionally trained cleaner from Harrington Cleaning can deliver.

Our Harrington Cleaning crews will give every nook and cranny of your house the toughest and most thorough cleaning you’ve ever experienced. Even better, we can customize our cleaning plans to suit your schedule, your needs and your preferences. Whether your house needs cleaning regularly, occasionally, or before or after special events in your life, Harrington delivers exceptional value every time.

Our Cleaning Services Include

Teal and Brown Family Room

Living Rooms

We’ll clean living rooms in a systematic way: first, we dust and clean every surface, then rotate sofa cushions for even wear. To ensure all the dust and dirt that’s fallen to the floor during the cleaning process is gone, we’ll do the vacuuming last using brand new filters and bags.

Remodeled Kitchen


Trust us to give your kitchen a deep cleaning and fresh feel every time we’re there. We’ll wipe every surface, scrub out the grease and grime on your stove and microwave, then vacuum and mop your floor till it’s so clean it shines.



Say goodbye to watermarks, clogged showers, stray hairs and all kinds of muck. When our cleaners finish with your bathrooms, all you’ll see are spotless tubs, shiny mirrors, super-clean floors and toilet bowls.

children's room


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and after we’re done cleaning, it’ll look, smell, and feel like one! We’ll steam-clean the carpets or wet-mop your floor, dust dressers and chests to a shiny clean and wipe your windows to streak-free perfection!


Dens and Attics

Dens and attics are just so full of stuff and dust! We’ll clean them out top to bottom, from corner to corner, dusting all surfaces and large objects, wiping furniture to a shiny sheen.

close up of woman cleaning oven at home kitchen

And More

We’ll leave your carpets stain and lint free, your appliances without a single trace of grit or grease. We do all kinds of cleaning at your request – from steam cleaning to post party cleanup and more!