Our Customer Testimonials

One of my neighbors just told me I’ve been chosen to host a surprise birthday party for a friend. I think the surprise was on MY part! My house looked like it’s just been overrun by a dozen kids. I didn’t have the time or energy to clean up an entire house, so thank God, Harrington Cleaning came through for me. All it took was a call – and presto, a whole team of cleaners descended on my house and took care of my emergency. What would I do without Harrington!

Liz Windsor

I’m a working mom – make that a full-time working mom. Juggling work, family, and a social life is an art and I’ve mastered it. But the one ball I can’t keep up in the air is household chores, including cleaning. Fortunately, Harrington Cleaning keeps me balanced by taking care of THAT part of my life. They clean my home every week, rain or shine, snow or sleet. And they do such a great job at such a great price. Thanks Harrington Cleaning for being there for me!

Mary Johnson

My company was truly unhappy with the cleaning services we were using. We thought we were stuck with them until a colleague recommended the professional cleaners who were doing his home. Harrington Cleaning really came through – what a difference! When we come in in the morning, the floors gleam, the bathrooms sparkle, the office furniture and equipment look like they’ve never been used! The office looks so clean we’re afraid to mess it up!

Charles Wales

We just had a new house built and were really very excited to move in. But when I dropped by the day before the move, I was greeted by a nightmare – trash and debris everywhere, soda cans, food, and cigarette butts left by the construction workers! Could I have all this cleaned out on time? Turns out I could – one call to Harrington Cleaning and a full cleaning crew shows up and turns a post-construction site into a gleaming new home. Was my wife happy about that!

Mark Philips