Our Services

From light to deep cleaning, our friendly staff is on the job.
Efficient, cost-effective cleaning that won't disrupt business.
Pre- and post-move, our cleaning crew will de-stress you.
Let us clean out the junk and debris in time for your move.
Enjoy spring with a thoroughly fresh, clean environment.
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Affordable, top-quality cleaning services for every size of home, office, or other property

Just relocated and left a messy house behind? A neatnik but just too busy to keep the house spic and span? Need a professional, reliable, and trustworthy office cleaner? Finished building your new home and want to get rid of all the junk and debris? If you live in northern New Jersey you're in luck!

Harrington Cleaning's team of extensively trained cleaning professionals will go to your location - with our own cleaning equipment and supplies - every day, every week, every two weeks, or every month, whatever schedule is good for you. We'll be happy to do a one-time cleaning as well, but rest assured, you'll be calling us again and again once you see the results!

Cleaning is a necessity - but it also take precious time from your already busy life. At Harrington, we not only give your home or office a professional kind of clean. More importantly, we also help you enhance your life - by giving you more time to spend with your loved ones. Busy dads, new and working moms, active seniors - really, almost everyone - could all benefit from a more balanced lifestyle. One that takes this cumbersome chore off your hands - and into ours!

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About Us

Harrington Cleaning provides cleaning solutions for households and companies in New Jersey. Established by Jeff Harrington, the company is staffed by a team of expert and experienced cleaning professionals. It offers a full-service cleaning menu and serves New Jersey's house, corporate/office, move-out/move-in, post-construction, and spring cleaning requirements.

Harrington Cleaning's staff includes a management team who oversees each and every cleaning project, making sure that cleaning performance lives up to Harrington standards. They will also schedule, plan, or customize your cleaning job so the whole process goes smoothly and according to your preferences. Our highly trained cleaning crews, who wear the Harrington uniform with pride, are bonded and insured. They have been chosen not just for their cleaning abilities, but also for their trustworthiness, caring, and love of their job.

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